NO HAY DERECHO (THERE IS NO RIGHT) is a 12-chapter series program, based on the Childrens Rights Convention, focuses on the most important aspects of childhood in Chile. Each chapter deals with one right, based on true to life stories of Chilean boys and girls who are different ages and come from different social levels. This series will be broardcast by Chilevision the first semester of the year 2004. 3.7 MB


AL SUR DEL MUNDO(SOUTH OF THE WORLD): from 1990 to 2001, we worked in the direction, photography and editing of the documentary series" SOUTH OF THE WORLD", which has been broadcast by the Catholic Broadcasting Corporation of Chile, channel 13. The series got the "PRIX IMAGE" award at the ninth Scientific Cinema Festival in Paris, France in 1992 with the chapter "The Coal Miners". 4 MB


IDENTIDADES(IDENTITIES): direction, photography and editing of two chapters of documentary series "Identities" broadcast by Discovery Channel in 1996. This series is about the loss of identity in rural or indigenous communities at the end of the 20th century due to the technological advances and the modernity introduced in these locations. 5.8 MB


EL HOMBRE AL DESDUNO(MAN UNVEILED): direction and editing in nine chapters of the series "Man Unveiled", broadcast by the National Channel Network, channel 7, between the years 1994-95. This miscellaneous approach series is about the relationship between human beings and health, the advances accomplished in this field and the future projections of the topic. 4 MB


BAJO LA CRUZ DEL SUR(BENEATH THE SOUTHERN CROSS): direction, photography and editing in three chapters of the documentary series "beneath the southern cross", broadcast by Megavisi˛n in 1993.This series has a natural and anthropological approach to show different sides of Chilean culture, life and landscapes. 5.9 MB


PATIPERROS(DRIFTERS) : directions of two chapters of this series produced by Roosfilms. This series is about looking for Chilean people who live scattered all around the globe, on finding them, the series tells the story of how they got to adapt to their new lives. It is broadcast by the National Channel Network.



DE LO PUBLICO LO PRIVADO(WHAT IS PRIVATE ABOUT PUBLIC AFFAIRS): direction of the series, six chapters in 1996. This program was broadcast by channel 11, that belongs to the University of Chile. In it we explained how massive entertainment activities were originated, for example: football, circuses, concerts, soap operas, etc. We wanted to show the different ways in which people work in these areas and also what happens behind the scenes.



CINEMA- FEATURE FILM "MONKEY BUSINESS": first fiction feature film of the movie and documentary maker Ricardo Carrasco F. Monkey business is a comedy that depicts the story of three friends in a small mountain village in the south of Chile who make up their minds to get rich by selling seafood during Easter Week celebrations. To accomplish their dream, they start a trip to the coast in search of their good fortune, but they soon find out that it is also a trip down memory lane and a chance to meet old acquaintances from the past. They finally get back to their home town with no money and no seafood, but having enjoyed a great party and having shared a strange sensation of happiness having recovered old feelings and emotions.

This motion picture project was a co-production of ROOSFILM-THE DIGITAL STROLL and it was financed by CORFO and FONDART. It is also sponsored by CHEVROLET, SHELL and EFE.

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1992 "BEST FILM AWARD" went to the documentary: "The coal Miners". 9th International Festival of the Scientific Programming on Television. Paris, france.

2000 "BEST FILM AWARD" went to the documentary: "The "minga"that moved the old church on Tey." 4th film festival of Valparaiso. Chile.

2001 "INTERNATIONAL CRITICS AWARD" went to the feature film: "Monkey Business". 27th Iber-American film fetival of Huelva. Spain.

2001 Special Mention from the jury "RADIO EXTERIOR DE ESPAÑA WARD" went to the feature film "Monkey Business". 27thIber-American film festival of Huelva. Spain.

2002 "GARZA DE ORO-PATRIMONIO LATINO" went to the feature film: "Monkey Business". 4th Latin Film Festival of Miami. U.S.A

2003 "ALTAZOR AWARD" to Best Actress/Monkey Business. Carmen Diaz Gutierrez. Chile