Making of a video for FOSIS showing the experience in the development of the "workshop schools". Apart from the video, an interactive cd containing detailed information about each "worshop school" project all along the country was developed together with the corresponding institutional logotype for the same "workshop schools".(2004)

MINEDUC(Ministry of education): Making of two video films especially focused on indigenous belonging to the Lican Antai culture(Atacameños), where important aspects of their culture are presented, valued and spread.. These videos aim at spreading this Indian people’s knowledge and particular cultural ways. The videos take into consideration those relevant aspects, as traditions and Cosmo vision, that help value the local culture so that it can be worked by teachers and members of the same community.(2004)


This is a company video film that shows the different activities of the Andean division of Codelco(copper corporation), and puts emphasis on what its future projections are. The video pays special attention to the “common company project” and the commitments for the next six years. (2003)


ART AND CULTURE NATIONAL COUNCIL. This is going to be a dvd about the experiences on "people's cultural councils". This program intends to create the right conditions for a "democratic cultural citizenship"in each district and region of the country. Based on these three principles, it must promote the birth of spaces for expression and participation, as well as the respect for diversity and the connection with the local culture and community. (2003)


THE NORTH FRUIT COMPANY: promotional video about grapes in their Thomson and Fleming varieties to be given to N.F.C. clients in the North American market. We also created the company's web site(2002). 24 MB

WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION: shooting of a follow up video in Huechuraba district, that deals with the financing of young people's projects trying to promote participation, community involvement and management development. The follow up period was six months.(2001). 12 MB

DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC PROPERTY: "big territories, big opportunities" is the name of this promotional video, that shows the private sector the plots of land that the present administration is leasing in the north of the country. They can be used for tourist investment as well as services and real estate. (2001)

AERONAUTICS TECHNICAL SCHOOL: promotional video showing the different study programs this higher education institution offered in its year 2000 application process. (2000) 4.4 MB

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE: institutional video that shows the goals achieved in the "Strategic Agenda 2000"during President Eduardo Frei Ruiz-TaglÚs's administration. (2000) 4.7 MB

CIREN-CORFO: training video for the Ciren-Corfo project "forecast service for the harvesting of fruit exports". The video is able to train the users and demonstrates how useful this method is; it's supported by computational graphics and captions. ( 1998) 3.5 MB

SOPROLE: educational video that shows the whole milk supply chain, from when it comes off the milking lines, passing through Soprole processing plants , to the moment it arrives at the consumer's table. The video carries out its educational task by means of high quality footage and spoken text as well as computational graphics to explain what happens inside the machines. The video was used to instruct students on school group visits to the processing plants. (1996) 2.8 MB

ENAP: the following works have been carried out: Historical documentary video celebrating their 50th anniversary. Instructional video for students reference and information about the "oil route". Company video giving information about the ENAP HOLDING showing the different functions each enterprise has in the alliance(1995) 3 MB

QUEBRADA BLANCA: making of an institutional video to launch Quebrada Blanca mine on the international market. The video shows the whole mine infrastructure located in the second region of our country. It focuses on the technology involved in the project(which was developed by Chilean engineers) as well as the Chilean/Canadian team and the future projections of the mine.(1994). 4 MB